Native Americans over in Scotland

Today there was a protest at the Scottish power shareholding meeting against PacifiCorp, which owns several dams on a river. Anyway made loads of interviews and pictures and met amazing people.
Apart from that, I have a horrible stomach bug, which keeps me in close distance of toilets. (More details are censored).
Will try to make a feature out of this protest.
There was also lots of mainstream media, but am wondering why they are so incredibly unpassionate about this issue – or any other issue.
Maybe they are scared of getting sued?
Amongst the protesters, there was also an elderly woman, who gave me a press pack, and only when I was at home, I realised, that, in fact, she was protesting against wind farms because of a possible loss of her property price.
Also met an amazing couple from Rogue Valley IMC, unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to talk to them, as we were all busy filming or doing interviews or chewing on the smoked salmon sticks, which were provided by the friendly Indians.
One thing which I particularly liked about the Native Americans, was, that they are as such not primitivists, (at least not in a UK like activist definition) but still they respect and value their environment, and that is great.

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