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Today is more animal day.
I am still furious with this pet shop and the grey parrot. It has been feather picking itself horribly, and they do it because they are so intelligent and when they are bored. The University of Hanover is an expert in these behaviour problems of grey parrots, they founded the “grey parrot dating agency” to stop them from feather picking. Anyway, and they don’t remove any feathers, so the parrot can actually fly, and they build big huge rooms for the loving grey parrots couples.
Grey parrots are not particularly revolutionary lovers, as they are monogamous. This means they are very picky in choosing their partners and hold them to be their lifelong property.
Anyway, most grey parrots are very expensive, as they do not bread well if kept as pets. Therefore lots of parrots are still captured in the wild and the certificates are forged.
So to have a grey parrot in a pet shop just to attract visitors and to keep it there in a stupid environment and incapable of flying and single is quite mean, IMHO. The pet shop was even worse in that it also kept dog puppies for sale. Most pet shops do not sell any more puppies and kittens in their shop, as the amount of social interactions are very important during the life span when they are leaving their family, and keeping them alone in a cage is not good for them.
So, this is one fairly unpolitical thing that felt to have been mentioned.
As well as I am totally pissed off with Channel 4 s news coverage of the animal rights activists targeting the planned research primate lab.
Apparently, another building firm pulled out from building the research facility because their staff was hassled and intimidated.
At the moment I still do agree that particularly research on primates should be heavily restricted and no new facilities being built. Actually somebody I vaguely knew worked at a primate research lab, and he agreed that the surgical research trials were particularly horrible. He worked on SIV research, which is a primate variation of HIV, as far as remember. Cats (felines) have also a vaguely similar virus FIV.

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