more holidays

Yes, yes, yes the boring time of the year has arrived. Everybody is on holiday or comes back from holidays or is planning holidays.
The best is, since yesterday, life is much more exciting because I have got a cat for a month, whilst a friend of mine is on holiday. And finally, after tidying up, i managed to find in the allotment application form which I had last seen 2 years ago. Well, the waiting time for a plot is about 4-6 years, and for a garage, it is even more, at the moment it is 7 years. The office stated he would backdate it, but couldn’t promise he could backdate the application for 2 years.
Most of the reduction of the waiting list happens by negligence rather than “real” one after the other vacancy being filled – there is hardly any turnover. So if you forget to send back your yearly “I want to stay on the waiting list”- slip then you can start queuing again.
So, see, being mean, I could state the waiting lists for garages and allotment plots were shorter in the GDR than in Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
And of course, it was cheaper.
When I first moved into my student accommodation post GDR I only paid less than 20 quid = 30 euros = 30 dollars a month. A single room was 40 quid a month. And in the GDR I was told student accommodation was less than 3 quid a month. The only other problem was, you couldn’t study what you wanted, haeh, as a normal person, especially if you were a female and non-party member. Female, because you did not go to the military to show off your patriotism.
Anyway, at least there is no more forced Marxism-Leninism courses at university. But I am lucky as it was all before my time, I just got told and read about it. Still, it continues to be fascinating.
Another astonishing – well more or less exciting thing is the blocked toilet in my neighbours flat. It is so incredibly disgusting.
And if he reads it (and I am sure he does), I have to speak a very strong word now: You need to sort out your toilet! It only gets worse!
I mean, to be true I totally blocked my toilet once with potato mash. This is actually nearly as good as cement, so in case you are unsure how to sabotage your nearest McDonalds toilets…

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