last days

The last days were boring. It seems it’s summer and everybody disappears into holidays or has exams or whatever.

I did not make to send it the application for the dream job. First of all, I wouldn’t have got it anyway. objective chances are probably 1:10 000 or something. Because the bad thing about dream jobs is that there are a lot of people apart from me, who want the same job, too. And when i discussed the application with some friends and gave it to them to read, basically they mentioned that the content is good as always, but the writing style is not good enough for that particular job.
Which is true, even though I tried to persuade that it is intentional and deliberately being inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s short and simple sentence, but they did not buy it, because of too many repetitions and limited vocabulary, which many foreign-language speakers are prone to.

Well, now I know why I like Indymedia so much; because the content matters much more than the style, and nobody criticises, but the collaborative feature writing style ensures a minimal quality nevertheless.
The feature about the Edinburgh STUDENT newspaper has now 122 comments. More to be expected, because it is more a debating piece and it seems to be an unresolvable issue. Apparently, the Student newspaper made some jokes about the Gaelic language, which sparked of a row of complaints and comments on Indymedia Scotland.
Anyway, I particularly liked the comment of the editor of the student newspaper saying: “And to those who decry our version of journalism: where did you get this information? From an independent site that allows anyone to post an article, no matter how ill-researched or biased?”.
Because, yes, I like Indymedia, and I like that everybody can post.
Somebody responded: “Doh! Yeah actually Mike that’s the frigging point of Indymedia – it’s about wrestling control from the press – student or otherwise that published racist ‘satire’ like you.”.
Well, whilst I don’t share the classification as “racist satire” I have to admit I like the response of “Indymedia wrestling control from the press”.

Anyway back to problems with the job application, it is always like hiding who you really are, and trying to fill up the gaps in life with something more acceptable by society.

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