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I have found a job offer for my perfect dream job. At the moment I am trying to apply, but am just a bit down and low because I know the perspectives to actually get that job might not be too good, due to my f***** up work and educational history the last years. I am sure somebody else gets it. But if it makes sense I have to apply anyway, because otherwise, I might be wondering my whole life if I had missed a little opportunity to do something even more useful than what I am occasionally doing now and to change once again my life completely and radically. In a way, it is quite odd because it seems every 4-5 years my life seems to change so dramatically that I seemed to have lived several lives instead of one already. And I am still in my twenties! Sometimes I wonder what would happen when and if I would have kids, if that would be a “No turning point” in my life and all the excitement of an open future would be pressed into a straightforward line, replacing all the activism with looking after somebody else for a decade or two.
Sometimes I wonder if it is better or worse to have kid(s) as an activist?


Comment by anthony on 2006-07-21 09:31:00 +0100

Thenks, good work!

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