It seems more and more likely that the G8 really comes to Scotland in 2005 – up to now it’s all media information, but just yesterday the Edinburgh Evening News on its Saturday frontpage had the article: “Pushed to the limit”- about police holidays being canceled for 1.-14.Juli 2005 next year, when the G8 comes to Scotland. [report].

Apart from that Richard Stallman, the founder of GNU , Emacs and particularly the GNU General Public License will be in Edinburgh, and has kind of agreed to do an interview with me. Well not really particularly with me, but with “somebody from Indymedia Scotland who is knowledgeable about free software”. Since then I am reading his biography and essays like mad, so the questions will hopefully not sound too stupid and hopefully I am knowledgeable till tuesday. He is here to do a talk at Edinburgh University, specifically
the Informatics Colloquium.


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