A visit to the Scottish Parliament

Today I got my brain fried in the Scottish Parliament. Scheduled was a debate on “Major Events in Scotland”. As a critical natured politica I considered of course the possibility and rumours of the G8 coming to Scotland (report in the Scotsman) as a worthy subject for this parliamentary discussion.
Unfortunately, the reality was disappointing: The discussion was more focussed around the Glasgow Garden Festival, the Highland and Island Music contest, the World Bowling Championship and the Robert Burns poetry festival as well as the Young people’s rugby championship and the British Open Golfing Championship to be held in Fife, than around anything vaguely important. The only interesting note was an intervention of a Green Party person when the “Military Tattoo” was discussed, and why the “Red Army of China” got invited. Anyway, at least Mark Ballard said some notes about the possibility of the G8 coming to Scotland, alongside with insisting that it is people’s legitimate right to protest and that demonstrators from everywhere should be welcomed and supported, as well as the infrastructure for them should be provided. He also tried to promote and support the Beltane festival, with the Beltane Fire Society having a really hard time this and last year to organise it, whilst Colin Fox promoted the people’s festival, but in total, the discussion was totally crap. Any autonomous meeting is usually better than this. Also apparently the decision about the location of the G8 lies solely at Westminster which is – or should be a bit worrying to the Scottish Parliament as they have no influence on the decision if it might be held in Scotland or not.

On the way back my bicycle tyre exploded with a super-loud bang. Am curious to dissect it and see what is wrong this time. I had just finished repairing it last weekend.

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