Intelligence? New report out!

The German government has published its new intelligence report. The secret service has to publish its activities every year to be accountable to the public. Unfortunately, it rarely is; most of the time its exaggerates left-wing activities to get more funds and resources and minimalising right-wing and neo nazis violence so to not give any foundation for embarrassment, such as when several years ago American travel guides warned any black people not to travel to East Germany because of the threat of violent and racist neonazis.

Anyway, they mention Indymedia Germany alongside with the antiracist noborder camp in Cologne in this “monitoring report of anti-constitutional activities”. It seems that by mentioning these 2 examples in the report,it is tried to justify repression attempts against both initiatives, particularly the repression of the noborder camp last summer which is still legally challenged by protesters in court.

Other news:
In Columbia, there is a widespread and mass distribution of poisonous and mutagenic chemicals prepared over national parks and indigenous land. [spanish]
Also interesting enough LaPais reports that 2 participants in the terrorist attack on the trains in Madrid were actually police agents. Apparently, they bought big piles of drugs from the terrorists, who used the money to fund their attacks. The report has been written by Ralf Streck, who usually writes very well researched and detailed news reports, translated from Spanish sources, and is usually regarded as trustworthy by most activists.

Anyway, tonight there will be the “illegal art symposium” on. Unfortunately, it collides with the Indymedia Scotland meeting. Anyway, this event sounds like good fun. I wonder if the “sub-sub-sub-sub(…) contrabass blaster” mentioned- is this sound system which is put in front of police lines to make them collectively vomit? Wonder if and how it works though? Better not eat tonight before going to this event!

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