We are all losers!

“I don’t like Burger King.

I don’t like anything.
And I am against it.”

Nobody seems to be interested in what I write. The last entry got 6 hits, so says my admin interface, the majority – or maybe all of them being myself.
Sometimes I dream to be able to do something similar to Indymedia as a *real profession*, but guess capitalism would take out all the fun of it.
The style of this blog and the Indymedia reporting is quite different, as I found out when trying to convert a blog entry as an Indymedia report, the one on the wireless network workshop.
It sounds odd reading it on Indymedia.

Maybe I could get back to writing for myself. Like a zine writer.
It is quite interesting for people, to complain about the quality of blog entries. Well, they don’t have to read it if they don’t want it. And then to complain about the moaning tone- when the moaning articles are the ones with the most hits.
So in a way, it’s like Big Brother: the more conflict, the better it sells.

Well, at least I managed to finally translate the Bolivian feature. And one from Brasil Indymedia. The Bolivian was quite hard to translate, but the one from Brasil went really really well. I started off translating one from Mexico Indymedia, but this is written quite misunderstandable. At the moment I am not quite sure what the intended meaning of some sentences is, so I have given up for today, basically.

And by the way, both the features which I was quite involved with – the Tlalnatepotla, the attack on the Zapatistas and the massacre in Falluja – although that one was a big collaborative effort – got into the top ten of the most viewed sites on Indymedia UK last month. So it makes sense to translate these features. Am wondering if I should promote the translations for the worldwide Indymedia page. Unfortunately, both the features are quite old, not sure if people are still keen to have these as features, now that the news is not updated anymore.

I am still a bit unsure on how to read the stats, as e.g. the stylesheet is also included so are the region pages and the topic pages and sometimes the pure articles and the static pages.

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