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Actually, nothing exciting has happened here today. As in here, I mean Edinburgh, in Scotland, UK. It hasn’t been raining, which is unusual. My monitor has given up working, but hopes are still high it’s only temporarily. This one works only under Windows, unfortunately. So my whole Linux partition is on holidays in the depths of cyberspace.
The Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity event was pleasant as ever, with lots of self-made food like Guacamole, Salsa, Nachos and Tacos, and Beans and Bread and Cheese and potatoes pancakes – whatever these are called in Mexico. And lots of cake and cream, too. Also, I watched “The Sixth Sun” for the first time, it is a brilliant film, unfortunately, it has been made when the technology was worse and so looks a bit blurry- probably on High8 or Beta SP, anyway it is about the Zapatistas – but mainly before 1994!!! Which is very unusual. It goes till about 1996, and the editing is fantastic, the narrative sympathetic and gripping.
Also, the Zapatista group sell fairtrade organic coffee from the Zapatista collectives and books from AK Press, which is also situated in Edinburgh.
There was some DJing with a little bit of punk and later on a lot of swinging goodmoody LatinAmerican world music for the swinging hippies who then had to squeeze themselves onto the dance floor.
Unfortunately, there is not much Punk in Scotland anymore after the TAP was closed and Diek from Oi Polloi moved apparently up north.

What I was a bit annoyed was the red flag behind the stall of the Zapatista group. Another slow take-over or parasiting of the Socialists? Anyway, I am only occasionally participating in the group, and if the hard-working anarchist and autonomous members of the group don’t object, then it’s not my task, as I trust their judgement.

By the way: the next Radical Bookfair in Edinburgh will be shortly after the G8 in the US and the euro elections start of June. It will be opened by James Kelman, presenting his new book: “you have to be careful in the land of the free”, and he also is a longterm friend of ACE, the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, and he sent us a brand new pre-published copy to proofread.

Have talked to my sister, she has got a new maybe-boy friend, and maybe she’ll help in translating the new Imc Bolivia feature into English. My sister speaks and writes German, English, Spanish and Portuguese, all fluently, and I am very jealous of her language skills. Unfortunately, she doesn’t yet throw her language skills in the collective Indymedia skill pot, but maybe she’ll be helping out from time to time for her social conscience 😉
Sure, she is reading this blog, welcome Sister!

Anyway, for anybody who is interested:

Gods new website is online: It just came through on an Indymedia list, and sounded quite funny, so here it is:


this is God. I have a new website.

A site that will help you find out who I really am.
Check it out here: http://www.heavenisopen.com

I didn’t make the site myself,
but I used one of my good friends to do it.

If you enjoy the site, tell others about it.
Let the world find Me again. They need Me…


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