new Glasgow Social Centre, Dublin Mayday, G8

The new Printworks Social Centre is now open in Glasgow. The Glasgow Autonomous Project have worked very hard to open it, and they have managed to get a fantastic space in an excellent location. Also, one issue I was always wondering about got resolved via this interview: Why Kinning Park Community Centre could not be used more for activist purposes. Apparently, there was a fire in a local school and the community centre is used as a replacement location. Anyway, I tried to get in contact with the Kinning Park administrator for over a month now to ask if it could be used for a weekend event and it seems quite difficult to get in touch.

Anyway just back from Dublin Mayday. It took quite some days to calm down after the event. There was quite a lot to learn, and in several points, the mobilisation might be similar to what could be expected if the G8 decides to come to Scotland, so it was good to go there nevertheless, to experience and learn how to deal with the mega repressive atmosphere and the media hysteria hype, which affected the atmosphere badly and also forced tension and conflicts on the different groups of activists, even to work partly against each other.
However, the actions all worked out brilliantly and were very enjoyable, and in the end, that’s what probably matters most.

Anyway the most astonishing was that I passed my exams on Friday, well they were quite simple actually, but haven’t really had any time to get prepared.

Furthermore, it seems like the Scottish Parliament has scheduled a big debate start of June about “Major Events in Scotland” which enhances the rumours that the G8 might come here.

Also just to mention that – there might be “Aileen – Life and death of a Serial Killer”, about the prostitute who killed her clients, on Channel 4 on Tue 11 May at 10pm on telly. It is a documentary film by Nick Broomfield, one of the best documentary filmmakers around. He started out with social documentaries, and – of course – there are still film(s) of him from the 80s which haven’t been released yet, due to political reasons.

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