Dublin mayday

Just got over to Dublin. Am quite exhausted as yesterday had an Avid Editing course and a community activist training on communication keeping me busy from 8 am till 10 pm. Anyway, we managed to make 2 nice clips, one is not yet finished. They need to be compressed to be uploaded to the Internet and to Indymedia, as now nearly every minute is 350 MB.
Anyway it was good fun and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Today luckily I got borrowed out a camcorder, so I can do video footage at the protests, if i feel like it.
Unfortunately the accommodation did not work out as planned: the 10 places for Indymedia people by Ireland Indymedia seemed not to have been obviously arranged, and the squat for the activists to stay in was raided yesterday night and three people arrested. There is a whole load of media hysteria, and when we came into the city by bus, the police had sealed of the area where the squat was with army and machine guns – due to a “bomb threat”.
Anyway some of the activists who have been in Genoa are reminded of the situation there, but don’t think it would be that serious.
Anyway am quite exhausted and have bad stomach pain as usually when coming to new places, but all will be fine.

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