DIY, shelves, left hand column and bicycles with good food

Yesterday was a really nice and happy day. Though I was quite worked out at the end of it. The last thing I did till late in the night was sorting out my parents holiday pictures of when they went to Russia to build up a dance club there. I should definitely post some pictures here when I figure out how to include these in the blog. So this took at least several hours.
Also, we finally managed to put up the curtain rails. It actually wasn’t too bad, just a bit more self-confidence and I could do it, too. And some more tricks and also it helps if you are not up to fixing the curtain rail on the ceiling on your own, as you need somebody focussed and accurate to help. And I had immense problems with drilling the holes, but now I know, I should start with the small drill sizes and work the way up. When I tried it I just couldn’t get a size 8 hole into the ceiling, and my drill from Poundstretcher for amazing 6 pounds just did not have the power. That’s what I blamed it for at the start. But now, we even managed to drill the holes with these immense cheaply drill, and it helps if you have got some people to hold the curtain rail for you, and also to drill in the holes actually not straight but “askew”.

I hope this word is correct, I got it out of the dictionary. Hopefully it doesn’t mean something rude. Such as when my mum ordered “two balls” in the restaurant instead of “two scoops”. It was very funny and always happens. My first language mistakes were actually referring to the drill as a “thrilling machine”, somehow people seemed to think I would talk about a vibrator! Very funny indeed. Luckily it happened to my neighbours and not anybody more embarrassing. Or the “breastholder” which native English speakers could imagine as my boyfriend instead of a bra!
Other faux pas included a “servant’s car” instead of a “service car” – wow suddenly I had a reputation which did not fit my purse at all! 🙂
This was at uni and very embarrassing, especially as it got reinforced when I turned up too late to catch a cheap flight back home and got accidentally put in the business class. Of course, I did not know, some classmates were on the same flight until they passed me by, me sitting in row 1. Very embarrassing indeed. And not good for my anarchist reputation either. But to round it off, business class is not that exciting, apart from that the seats are bigger, there is more footspace, the food includes a bit more pepper and less plastic taste and the flight attendants wear more make-up. (This is actually too a thing i despise.)
Anyway I feel more comfortable in the economy class rather than the business class, and of course nothing beats Ryanair! They are just the best! Only get proper competition by Megabus! They give you a really scruffy hippie holiday feeling, along with a hitchhikers atmosphere. Anyway I drift away now from the original subject.
Just to add I like camping much more than hotels. I don’t like to be served actually. It also makes me feel embarrassed in restaurants. I always have got an odd feeling when being served. And I don’t like serving myself. Except if I am cooking for friends in my flat. That’s different.

Anyway, me and Spacebunny have decided to drop our pseudonyms at the end of June. Now that we get over 30 it seems to be time to feel a bit more “grown-up” maybe. It seems to be time for a change.

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