indymedia meeting and house ventilation

Our glorious indymedia meeting tonight saw disappointing 2 people, me and spacebunny as ever. Sometimes I wonder if it makes any sense trying to carry on with these meetings. It was good to get out of the house though and we just talked a bit about political stuff in general and went out for a hot drink, as the Autonomous Centre is a freezing fridge, and even outside it is warmer than inside, though it even is not cold enough to keep the milk fresh for the next day.
I wonder if it might make sense to size down the Indymedia scotland subsection to Indymedia Edinburgh and to develop different policies for Indymedia Scotland as an independant collective.

Anyway, my parents are here, and they seem to approach the age, where they want to get more attention from their children rather than the other way round. I find parents really difficult, particularly when they can’t understand me, nor my politics, nor my priorities in life, and i have to fake little sweet obedient kiddie all the time to get on with them as they can’t accept anything else without having a major argument. Luckily my parents are quite some funny and good humoured and helpful kind of types, but when it comes to opinions, they can’t understand me, and they don’t want to, and are quite dogmatic, probably same as I am, just in a different way. Anyway, they have now been here for a week and we did not have any argument, which is a kind of novelty in itself. Also I did not have any stomach pain as usual and i did not get too stressed out, so it is for a change quite a good experience, compared with before.

About the issues of indybloggers: I have decided to add a new criteria: compatibility with feminism. That definitely means the link to ChuckO’s blog will be definitely be chucked out, cause the pronographic sex blogs he recommends are definitely just offputting – this is the kind of stuff which definitely should not go on an indymedia website, so why should it be linked to it.
Its still frustrating to see something like that in the political scene. Would I be mean, I would state again, that only seems to be possible in the US. In Germany any lefty would get his ass kicked if doing this.

Today the electrician come round to install a new fire alarm – that’s fantastic in my opinion! and really, really needed, but also 2 ventilators about whom I have mixed feelings. The current policy in Britain does seem not to accept any open windows, instead they have book-big holes in the walls for continous forced ventilation. It seems impossible to heat the flat in winter so I decided to stuff as many plastic bags as possible in the ventilation, and then to tape up the holes with aluminium foil followed by carpet nailed over and then either a picture or a biiiig piece of furniture covering it.
A bit tricky was always the kitchen and the bathroom, now there are new ventilators in, the good side is they are electrical, the bad side is the holes are even bigger. At least its getting towards summer now, so it should not be too bad. But the wind is blowing like hell up from the see, and I am on one of the higher floors in a highrise and I feel like living in a wind tunnel instead of a flat. More tomorrow.

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