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Today was more or less an Indymedia day. I must have written a whole load of emails about different issues from editorial policy to IRC meetings to the dispatch system to slagging of the SWP, which is one of my favourite spare-time activities. Followed by somebody from Indymedia Leeds stating that my “post is bollocks”. As I am clearly a woman this description can only be inaccurate.
Anyway, I just wanted to calm down spanner, one of our “master hider”, who is particularly enjoying hiding socialist and other dogmatic party posts. Yes, yes, I know how that feels like I have an immediate drive to hide Mick Napiers, the SSP candidate for the Scottish Parliament Election 2003, Palestine Solidarity postings on IMC Scotland every time I see one popping into the wire, and it demands a lot of self-control and self-discipline not to. The best to get it out of sight is too quickly post some more submissions, so it drops down the wire. There are enough political emails spammed – or tofued around, and in emergencies quick copy and paste jobs, such as reposts from The Guardian will do.

About slagging of myself a bit more, showing of another time the need for some cognitive behaviour therapy on thinking more positive, I still chew on being labelled “the snide one” by IMC Irelands superphilosphist and filmmaker of “Berlusconi’s Mousetrap”. A film, which I want to state publicly here, is better not to watch (again). Far too philosophical in my opinion, trying to be too much at the same time- philosophical education, documentary, art film and activist film and news report and far too long. In my opinion, they would have better made 5 different films which are more specifically targeted at the aim which is wanted to achieve and the audience. It seemed to me that the main aim just was to impress, I don’t like that approach. I would like to see the pictures and actions speak for themselves rather than artificially distort them. Well, we’ll see. Am wondering what to expect from Dublin Mayday and Ireland Indymedia volunteers – the rumours go round they actually would be a bit influenced/crossover by the whole GR hype, but will see, and the rumours also say that’s why the WSM and similar groups founded the anarchomedia. Well I guess other sources could maybe say the same about Enrager, Urban75 and IMC UK.
Anyway will find out.
Stay posted if you want to learn more about the fine differences of lefty political groups getting annoyed with each other.

Ah, totally forgot, one crap article by The Scotsman, a now incredible bad daily newspaper except for the appointment section on the Fridays, which actually have some local relevance to my life, is definitely beyond being annoying, it is actually getting more amusing.
The repost here on Indymedia UK with the essence of the article:

It is not trendy anymore to be an anti-capitalist!

My god, I am so happy. I never wanted to be trendy in the first place. I just hope the Scotsman can persuade the Globalise Resistance and socialist party lot to believe in that, so these lobbyists and opportunists piss off from our movement, and I would be happy for them to take George Galloway with them, ’cause there is really some doubts in his approach to feminism, the discussion about whether to hide these articles or not, took a big part of my day today. Anyway, a big discussion at the moment is if to show an abortion on TV. In my opinion why not? it’s good to have medical programmes on TV, so people actually know that all this medical language is a bloody fraud and there is nothing godlike attached to a white coat.
The only worry is – because it’s mainstream media – that the report will be biased as fuck. And propagandist, following the line of “please don’t kill the little pre-babies of single abused mums, but let’s allow human cell cloning for multinational corporations”.

Anyway have missed it, so will probably read about it tomorrow on the mainstream media- if not, then it probably was a good report.

As to get cynical about this society, is that I lost all belief that it will ever become better. I strongly suspect there won’t be a worldwide revolution, and we’ll be falling into barbarism (well if that’s the 2 alternatives given.) I wish the world would be different. i wish it would be based upon people’s needs rather than profit. Every day I see the lack of humanity everywhere. I see the charities, which do good work, lacking funds, and the banks swimming in money. I see refugees on the streets and millionaires having several Scottish castles and burned out council flats, whole streets of them. I see the tea and fruit and everything in the supermarket but don’t see the labour behind it, only see the exploitation of the workers. If I look at the world and strip away any ideology and illusions, then it is a very cruel place, and it’s not worth living in.
And even if I try to make it better, there is only a little I can do, it is so overwhelming the need to change the world and can’t see why not more people see, the naked truth of capitalism and realise that the emperor and the empire has indeed no clothes but is covered indeed with an armour, and army and nuclear bombs. So what does it matter if the emperor, even the whole empire is naked or not, if he puts the gun to your head.
Sometimes I would wish I would be strong enough to ignore that and just to keep on resisting, but unfortunately, I am a scary whimp.

So is it any wonder that people get depressed living their lives under these circumstances?

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