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Okay, so Rabble has now cleaned up his site and put up an Indymedia bloggers site. Unfortunately, I don’t qualify as I don’t update often enough, only every now and again.
Not that I don’t want to or have nothing to say, it’s just because I am so busy.

For example, next week my parents are visiting.
Till then I have got to tidy up and clean the whole flat, this might take a while, as I delayed this for some months. Especially as everything is covered with political flyers and pamphlets, posters, leaflets and books I either haven’t yet been finding the time to read, or they remind me of something and that’s why I don’t want to throw them away; they might still be useful some day!
At least it looks clean then. Also tomorrow there is an exhibition in Glasgow I would be interested to go to, with film screenings and talks about Balata in Palestine, organised by the Camcorder Guerillas and a talk of Eva J..
On Sunday there is a meeting and film screening of the Fourth World War, by Big Noise Tactical together with the anti-G8 group.
Hopefully the G8 doesn’t come to Scotland, I would rather spend my spare time differently than organising protests against them. If there would be a bigger group here it would be much more fun, especially if people are committed and not just talk but DO something. Anyway, more in the body text. Also I don’t want to spend half of my energy fighting the Socialist Party and frontgroups subverting us.

Also, I have decided to go to Dublin for Mayday for a Noborders Weekend. Not that I would expect anything thrilling happening, after the media hysteria. But I thought I go and train myself a bit in reporting and help with the Indymedia Centre.

Anyway, more later, have to rush upstairs and close the balcony doors as people have a sport to break into houses, now that the scaffolding is up. Yesterday my friend has seen several people climbing on the scaffolding looking into flats with their torches, and the flat opposite has been broken into at least 4 -7 times already in the last month

Sometimes I have a real aversion against the area I live in. Lots of alcoholics and drug users hanging round the shopping centre and lots of uneducated, ignorant and intolerant thugs, as it seems. Lots of betting, lots of debts. Lots of angry and worried mums and dads hitting their kids and swearing at them whilst shopping.
And then sometimes I really like this area; because of the nearby sea, lots of green, and actually some of the people are quite nice and helpful. All who live here – at least at our side of the road are quite poor. But I prefer that to the city centre, though there are less thugs, usually. The flats are nice and spacious, we have double glazed windows, and that’s still a rarity here.
Also, the balcony is quite big, and there are enough cheap parking spaces, though the petrol might be stolen out of your car 🙂 . And sometimes, especially if you seem to leave attractive things in the car, the windows get smashed and it gets stolen.
I did a community activist course here, and when I saw the film made about 20 years ago, when the conservatives were in power, oh my god, the area looked horrible, the houses were full of mould, the kids had asthma, and the walls were so wet, that the wallpaper was falling off the wall.
It was horrible! Anyway a great film. Made by Pilton Video. If you want to screen it or see it, contact them and ask for the “Invasion of the Home Snatchers”. I really like this community film project, they are very nice. They arranged for me to do an avid course, and after that, hopefully I get down to editing my own footage. then

There will also be a Mayday Carnival in Glasgow, see the website of the Glasgow Autonomous Project. They also have now an email list on mutualaid, and are planning to go ahead to rent a space in May/June in Glasgow, for a temporary centre. They have now been meeting quite regularly and following through simpler projects beforehand. it seems they will be quite successful with realising their intentions.

Anyway, when it comes to Carnival, I would strongly recommend TV Club carneval. I loved it, and still love it.
Along with the famous student club TV- Club. Many dear memories are associated with it. However, it is over now, time to move on. It is funny, sometimes you only know how precious something is, after you lost it. At that times, it seemed to be so simple and normal, and now, far away and after years, I only recognize how precious and special it was; and hopefully still is. I am grateful to have experienced it, it changed my life, my attitude, my life’s philosophy, everything really.

Of course, not the club alone, also the opportunity to study, thank god, I got the opportunity to study, that I did not have to pay any tuition fees then, and that i came out of university without debts. Now politics want to raise tuition fees, I just hope they don’t get through with it.
Anyway, Maybe I should just point out, that every summer, there was a boatrace, with self built boats, and I also loved it.

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