winter holiday: exciting Christmas

Just back from the winter holidays. Recognized the last entry has been months ago. Despite a lot has being happening.
It must be the dark times, with the rain which just makes everything grey and apathetic as is the IMC UK Frontpage.
We had basically agreed to exchange the grey for blue, but the access is limited, despite that, nobody seemed to bring up the energy for css work.

However, being on holidays, I met a lot of friends and got to hear about new projects and initiatives. For example, the Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Campaign wants to organise distributing coffee throughout Edinburgh and Britain. Similar to Cafe Libertad in Hamburg, Germany: and see the shop.
The Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group has also now moved over to have a new email list on radical lefty server

The website project for the Peace and Justice Centre has gone totally ballistic.

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