Edinburgh Linux User Group

On Sunday, there were Linux install days, organised by the Edinburgh Linux User Group, called Edlug. To give some sort of statement, I have been reading their email list in the archive, but unfortunately, they are quite tech and geek based. There is hardly any political or philosophical discussion, and most of the Edlug members seem to want to stay away from activists as far as they can without leaving their computer.
At first, I just went because of my friend, but once I got there it was actually quite nice. After drinking lots of tea, I found some places on the computer and just tried out different Linux systems. One I haven’t seen yet was Fedora, another one Xandros.
Look at Distrowatch to find out more about the various systems.
Another amazing thing was: I actually was of good use! Totally unexpectedly, I could actually help people and talk to them a bit through the various Linux systems.
The most amazing experience for the Edlug members was probably Elisabeth, the Peace and Justice Centre volunteer, who is at least about 60, if not older, with white hair and some walking aid, coming to the Edlug install days to find out more about Linux.

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