A day of recycling

Today was a day of recycling- both content-wise for Indymedia Scotland, various email lists, and practically.
Mike stormed our flat this morning announcing he witnessed an office clearance and would like to fetch a computer table; however, it wasn’t just ONE computer table in the end, but two computer tables, 4 chairs, one wooden little flowerpot-presenter and 2 long-awaited computer chairs, and one electric heating.


Everything else was crushed to pieces by the workers, and there was still really nice and useful furniture and office desks landing under the axe of capitalism.
Furthermore, Mike gave me a present of a “Chiapas Zapatista Calendar” for next year, to say “Thank you” for immediately fetching the computer desk and in exchange. I feel happy like it is Christmas!

I feel even more happy, cause Nine was able to make flyers and posters for the “Lost Film Festival” on Friday, and also because I just read an article on Wired about BBC’s new interactive citizens’ website i-can.
There is already a spoof website called “I can’t” and I think it is great because it really sharply expresses all the criticism about the project.
Furthermore, I found an excellent Blog from Louise Ferguson.

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