A new try: on illness and blogs

I have just typed a long article when it went down again in the depth of cyberspace.

I was just surfing the Guardian online, a useful media, web and news resource, which thankfully has an open archive, which unfortunately is no guarantee to actually (re)find the article you found so amazing 2 years ago.
The Herald, here in Scotland demand 2 pounds to view a past article online, I find this disgusting money making!
So I looked at the Guardians “Best British Blog awards” and found some useful and interesting links I want to discuss in the following article as well as the article on “why I hate blogs”.

I have also found, that so many amazing things happened in the last months and I haven’t been keeping track of it. Which is one reason of why I keep a blog, too, so that I remember all the amazing things I have done, and what an effort it was to organise these because at the end of the year, it keeps me wondering where has all my time gone into.
Anyway, the Guardian site on the weblogs has an amazing collection, and I found some good examples on what I need to do to improve this site:

  • design;
    some of the examples have got a most amazing design.
    Examples: I love everything, Malevole,
  • popularity of blog;
    there are some websites which keep track of the blogger community.
    For example: Blogwise.
    At the moment I am still unsure if the Blogs fulfill the purpose of creating a community and bringing people together. I hope for a lefty political community full of anarchist bloggers!
  • collection of usefull links
    One of the major advantages of blogs seems to be sharing experiences.
    In real world, that is what we do, too, but most of the time sharing experiences is accidental. Maybe sharing experiences can be less accidental with blogs?
  • including more pictures and animations
    Examples: Imperial Donut
  • content
    Most blogs seem to suffer from incredible boring lives of their authors with an unfortunate mix of “no poltics” with irrelevant opinions, and not enough philosophy and discussions of ethics, morals and principles.
    This is excellently described at the “Why I hate blogs” article.
    But obviously, the guy who wrote it, has expressed relevant criticism, although a bit harsh and with too much swearing, he disregards quite bit of positive aspects of the blogs, and in the end his writing is probably of as an irrelevancy as most of the blogs he criticised. Why? Because he doesn’t reveal anything of himself. It’s easier to criticise others, but I wonder
    what position he is in. If he is just a greedy capitalist, then he and his opinion can fuck of anyway. Because criticism doesn’t matter on its on, but also from the direction and person it got raised from.

However, I quite like the Guardians shortlisted Make Content Blog.
Surely, the blog of the soldier in Iraq has defied all the criticism on blogs in general.
It matters what people think, what individuals think and what experience they have in life and what perception they have of the current politics.
Blogs are relevant, because, it is like the people are writing their own version of history and not any more only the historians and the politicians.

By the way, I have now found that many IMC activists have weblogs, too.
Such like Anarcho Geek, or Chuck0.

I haven’t written anything on the flu, and the bad cold which is passed on at the moment from nose to nose.
Finally, I got it, but I feel as if I am over the worst.
But still, I look as if I got into a pub fight- the nose is red and swollen, the eyes glazy and the whole face is white, with my scratched pimples contrasting extremely reddish. The lip is broken and looks split by and the hair seems to be greasy as anything, although it got just washed a day ago. My neck is swollen and I gasp for air like a fish in dry.
My front seems to have had contact with a volcano while as the back has collided with an iceberg, leaving me shivering and sweating at the same time.
The nose is blocked and I have got through several rolls of toilet paper by using it as a tissue, it must be several metres used so far.

So take care, eat your greens and don’t let this happen to you!


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