More on the last weeks and today

Of course, there is much more than the Ideasfactory competition.
Journalist wise, of course, alternative wise, there has been today the new BBC activist page been posted on the Indymedia UK newswire.
My first thought. “Well, that’s no real competition to Indymedia”.
Take action: Campaign to get British people to walk on the left” and the featured special: “Speed bumps”.
And: “add your comments”!.
Sorry guys, but obviously they have a different target audience in mind than Indymedia. But whom?

Another journalist approach has been the new Counterinformation on which we have been working. Especially Mike has been working really hard on the layout. The layout is always a pain as there is always too much text and not enough space. This might have something to do with counterinformation only been put out every year or so, due to the vast amounts of mail-out the production seems to follow.
But, at least there are two pictures of mine in there, and a little article about Indymedia and a little short. Honestly, I would love to write a longer article, but that seems to be mans domain.
Or, for some strange reason, the way Counterinformation is produced is not so suitable for my way of working, which is very Indymedia like. just starting of with something and then everybody puts new links and information in and tweaks it.

Another journalistic highlight next week, when we are invited to Sunderland University, to give a talk about Alternative and Radical journalism. I am looking forward to it. It gives me a sense of “fulfilment” and a sense of being good at something.
I should write a little notice maybe to the Newcastle Radical FilmFestival and the other email list to link up, I considered there were some activists from Newcastle on it.

Coinciding with this, there is also the presentation next Thursday, where the client will be present to see what we made out of his website.
Both me and Jan, (she is blogging, too, as Mrs. Rathgild) are not particularly good in photoshop or in design, but better in actually HTML-ing our photoshop nightmares together.

Apart from half-hearted amateurish radical journalistic approaches, the situation on Tuesday just wanted to have me in a particular café.
You know, its just ideas come and come over and over again, till you follow them sometimes. So finally I went into this café and met another activist who is jobbing there as a waiter.I have met him in Evian. I have forgotten him nearly totally, but he hasn’t forgotten me for some reason.
Well, he looked quite different without the wild black beard and the suntone on his face. And his polished waiter uniform didn’t remind me of the campin’ and riot smell either. Good fun to meet him, though.

I wonder why I keep blogging like mad today. My few contributions to my blog won’t give me the newly formed “Guardian blogging award”.

A propos award. You can now vote online for me and my idea at the
Ideasfactory. Unfortunately, you have to register. I guess this might turn anarchas and anarchos off.

And the 4000 pounds go… to…

I am still not sure if we really get 4000 pounds or if we get bossed around by professionals in the value of 4000 pounds.
As a pessimist, I would think of the second option.
I guess, if I would really have a chance for the 4000 then I would like to buy editing equipment, a good camera and a tripod and a wide-angled lens.
And then that’s it. Guess there wouldn’t be much room for something else.
Although a new pair of trousers would be practical.

And afterwards, I would have tremendous difficulties borrowing out the equipment for Indymedia events, although I really should.
So that would be a good thing not to win- it saves me from a biting and failing conscience to borrow out beloved equipment!

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