NEA does Documentary

Ideasfactory was launched in August in Edinburgh with a weekend full of documentary film screenings. The films were presented, and subsequent discussions were led by experienced filmmakers, who ranged from newcomers to professionals from the media, including organisers of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Lately, the Ideasfactory team were guests at the North Edinburgh Arts Centre, where they gave examples of Mark Cousins documentary film manifesto and discussed how a dream to make a film might and can become a reality. In short, clips, ranging from Michael Moore’s popular political Oscar-winning “Bowling for Columbine” which documented the high school mass murder at the hands of two local students to a musical agitation documentary “Now” about the black civil rights movement. Mark Cousins explains in his manifesto what makes a good documentary film in his view. The idea of Ideasfactory is to encourage 16-34 years-old to make documentary films themselves, and the competition’s prizes are classes in documentary film making and a chance to be selected to have some financial and professional support to make your own idea into a three-minute documentary to be shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival next year, and perhaps on Channel4. The Edinburgh Mediabase team organises community events, classes on film making and free film screenings under the Ideasfactory banner, including free entry into the Saltire Award. Although the competition closed on the 6th of October, the documentary film screenings are to continue.

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