last days

The last days were quite hectic, I should write down a plan of what to do… The new Independent Indymedia Site for Scotland has been set up.
It is still very faulty, and i hope that after having had to wait for half a year for this page, that sorting out its mistakes won’t take as long.
Now I get the hang of it the IMC UK Scotland subsection seems to be much easier in admin, and I even start people teaching the admin site. (unfortunately with limited success so far.)

I wonder and hope if more people will get involved with the new site than the old one, I really do hope so, but it is all so confusing now and how to get people on board is really not a skill of mine.

There is quite a confusion about when and where these filmmakers will turn up in the end. Also, I have to finish a project for the computer course for next Wednesday. It would have been very nice if we would have been told after one hour and not after 7 that we totally missed out on the project theme, for which we had 2 days. One day totally spoiled.
It would have been quite funny in a way if it wouldn’t be so disappointing and discouraging.

On Saturday I went to the protest against Dungavel Detention Centre. I extra borrowed out a camcorder for the weekend and was so keen to use it.
The weather was perfect, but the camcorder didn’t work. Some of the settings were changed, and I had no clue about which settings w´mean what and why and how to change it. Sometimes it would have been nice to have a look in the instructions for use.
Also, the borrowed camera did give up its job. The batteries were apparently too weak. and though i had at least 5 new sets of batteries it just gave up working in the most important moments.

At least the audio did work a little bit, but the interviews are very confusing, and it will take me ages to sort out.

Also, there are all the actions coming up for DSEI and so on, and I just wished I could do that full time. There are so many stories untold or the way they are told by the mainstream media is just too distorting.

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