Another waste of a day

I have been writing a whole long text on Sunday about EF! and environmentalism and such, but unfortunately it logged me out, Opera crashed and everything was lost. But it isn’t a huge loss, because it was all getting a bit too weird anyway..
To not make the same mistake again I’ll save the text right now.

Anyway, I found out in the meantime, that any links I’ll do in the text might be displayed in the right column, which seems to be quite practical to me.
What’s new?
The Edinburgh Flashcrowd has announced another media stunt,.. I won’t be there, hopefully. As soon as the media interest is over, I am sure this stuff will be dying, at least by the people who organise this at the moment. I just can’t imagine them going on with this stuff once the cameras have lost interest, which they will probably soon, because once the story is broken, it makes no sense repeating it unless a new angle or point of view is found to make the story interesting.

Well, I just got very upset yesterday with the Colombia feature. I have been translating articles for ages at least about 4 days, and it just got ignored by the global IMC feature crew. Then I just got stuck in August and wondered why all my postings didn’t get through on the list- time warp…but people constantly replying.. Arrgh.
Hmm. I wrote some angry emails, which I probably shouldn’t have done.
Just wondering why you always have to write angry emails or otherwise you’ll get ignored, (at least most of the time if you are a woman) or your concerns or issues get ignored.
Must be coinciding with the newspaper-in-meetings-syndrome… .

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