what a day

So it is Sunday now and I have already missed out a day on my internet diary. We just went to see the fireworks at the end of the festival. It got quite misty and foggy and rainy at the end, so we did not see much.
The festival was so expensive this year, that I went as usual only to the stuff I could see for free, and even that I didn’t do properly.
I went to see “The Girls of May” and found it fantastic, I really wanted to write a feature about it on IMcUk and ImcScotlands new culture section.
Not only about the play, but about the festival and the situation here during the festival in general.

The entry fees were just so expensive. I heard there would have been jobs going as in go to see as many things as possible for free and then write reviews about it.
That’s what I would have liked to have done would I had known about it earlier.
But unfortunately, I didn’t. So I only went to see “Adventures in a Bath” and “Girls of May”. I even missed out all documentaries from the filmfestival including the free offers.
It was just so ridiculously expensive, 5 pounds 7.50, 10 pounds for one film per person. So in the end I just didn’t go, because it was so frustrating.

Arrgh. Also I tried to get these films and filmmaker from LA and SF Imc into the filmhouse or the cameo, but it seems to be quite a difficult task, especially if you don’t even have the money for a camera and also look like it.

I also get frustrated a bit because I was told the Forest wouldn’t help out hosting the SF filmmaker and their film, which would be exactly on the same day as the LA film. Dan is back now and I lost complete touch with the film world or with putting on screenings.

Well, the thing with the festival is, that it is trendy and hip.-it is also so expensive that you can guarantee only to meet people of the entertainment industry or attract a certain type of audience, who happen to earn guaranteed more than let’s say 15, most likely 20 k a year?
What an unlikely coincidence…

Well, there was the peoples festival and the mela and at least here outside Edinburgh, it is calm and grey like always. No new faces in this area, except some Roma and gipsy camp down at the seaside.

So no more festival to me.
Although I quite appreciate the Theatre Workshops attempts to improve the world by acting it still is only a little drop on the capitalist hype of the festival.

well, it is all over today.

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