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Female Prisoners List

Welcome to this page. Just to say at the beginning, because it is the most important: We NEED YOUR HELP, to update the list, so please send us infos and addresses of female political prisoners (also when prisoners are transferred or leave jail). This would be quite helpful. Thank you very much in advance. Also, please consider, that this page wants to support female political prisoners, but often, this takes a lot of time, enthusiasm, money etc. So, please don't be too tough, if we fail to update or if we have done something wrong in your opinion, like supporting persons you have objections to. Just get in touch, and we try to improve as soon as possible.

Also, we want to stress, that there are quite a lot of male prisoners needing help, too. Please look at the webpages of ABC and other support groups to find out more about them.

As you may see not all prisoners are anarchists or declare themselves being anarchists. We don't exclusively support anarchist prisoners, but nearly all those in prison because of their activities in the class struggle against capitalism, sexism, fascism, racism and so on. But also those people who got politicised by their stay in jail. Supporting prisoners doesn't always mean that we fully agree with their political views, ideas and actions, but we support them nevertheless as we see international solidarity as most important. But we definately don't support fascist, racist, etc. prisoners!!!

Get in contact with class struggle and anarchist prisoners, write them, support them and their solidarity groups.



Reasha Wolfe has been released.


Prisoners out of the Action Directe, have spent more than 13 years in prison so far. (For more infos: Collectif "Ne Laissons Pas Faire" (NLPF), c/o Librairie Point Du Jour, 58, rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris, e-mail: actiondirecte, )

Following addresses of Breton prisoners. For more infos: kengred ha

Or try ABC Dijon c/o Maloka, BP536, 21014-Cedex, France



Idoia Lopez Riano, (33460V, MA Fleury Mérogis, allée des peupliers, 91705 St Geneviève des Bois)


Prisoners out of the Red Army Fraction (RAF). Most of them are more now more than 20 years in prison, most of the time in strict isolation.

  • Birgit Hogefeld, Obere Kreuzackerstr. 4, 60435 Frankfurt
  • Brigitte Mohnhaupt, Münchner Str. 33, 86551 Aichach
  • Eva Haul, Obere Kreuzackerstr. 4, 60435 Frankfurt
  • Heidi Schulz apparantly been released because of health problems.

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Prisoners' support groups





For more information also see: Miscarriages of Justice
or, if you want help and information in general about women in prison, you could also try :


Support groups in USA


For more information on other prisoners see: