"discussing sexism, patriarchy and women-only- spaces with men can be horrible, and finally drives you out of mixed groups"

Feminist Pages !

Feminist pages was set up after a discussion about a "women only space" at an anarchist conference. See the discussion at index page.
Its original aim was to make readers think about anarcha-feminism, to contribute to educational resources of the topic of anarcha-feminism; and also to re-enforce certain feminist attitudes which are desirable to hold, if you regard yourself as a revolutionary.

It hopes to supply you with articles and discussions from around the world to make it possible for you to recognize why feminism, feminist theories and womens rights issues are still also important for the left movement itself.

It has been up for a year now, but your help is still needed! If you come across interesting articles, pictures, information and so on about this topic, please mail it to me, so that it, or the link to it, could be made available on these webpages. Also the aim is to set up a discussion forum on feminism in english language in future. (Vielleicht auch bald etwas in deutsch, wer weiss?)

This webpage wants to take the context to feminism back to the left wing revolutionary approach. This means, that e.g. an exclusively capitalistic view of feminism, like special women magazines want to promote by focussing on more success for women in businees, career and make-up, has nothing to do with this webpage. (Although a stylist advice would be personally appreciated by the author.) Feminism is also seen as an important global issue by the author. So, therefore, this webpage wants to question the exsisting rules of society and the manifestation of inequality from an anarcha-feminist perspective.

Ulla 2001

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